Common Errors on Bluestacks 2 and How to Fix It

Bluestacks as the most popular android emulator has been updated with major changes on the system and features. Bluestacks 2 has been released following the successful previous first Bluestacks version. Many features have been added; you will be able to play your android game smoother on bigger screen with excellent frame rate. Navigate easily, messaging and play multiple games at once is now doable with multitasking feature.

The major changes has been proven to be useful for million users with positive feedbacks from around the world, however as the old habits don’t go easily, Bluestacks errors on the previous version still occur on the new version. Well it is not surprising since Bluestacks.Inc can’t expect every single user has the same system configuration and hardware on their PCs. Every user has their own type, you have your own too, and it would be unlucky for you to have errors on installing Bluestacks 2 because of miss configuration on your system. You will miss the chance to play your favorite android games and join other million players using Bluestacks 2.

Bluestacks 2 is designed to have a high compatibility for ranged version Windows (XP and above) and hardware. However, some requirements must be met in order to install Bluestack 2. You may have a high-end PC and compatible Windows version, but still you may get a chance to face problems on installing if you got miss configuration on your computer.

How to get around these problems? Here I want to help you to solve common problems and errors on installing Bluestacks 2 for your Windows PC. Below are the lists of problems many users usually have and how to fix it. Read till the end of article and follow step by step tutorial how to solve your trouble.

When you are performing steps below, I suggest you to turn off any firewall and antivirus. Some of you may find by just doing it strangely will solve Bluestacks 2 installation problem. Especially for BitDefender antivirus, it is a must to turn it off, otherwise any attempt will fail.

Graphic Card Error

Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000 is the most common problem for many users


Graphic Card Error 25000

Unsupported Graphic Card

Below are reasons why problem occurred;

  • Microsoft’s Direct3D, which needed to run Windows programs
  • OpenGL, graphic property for running Android Apps on PC correctly.
  • Graphic card driver compatibility with Bluestacks 2.

Easy way to solve is updating your Graphic Card Driver. Although Windows Updates usually packed with the latest graphics drivers, it may not necessarily provide you the latest graphics card updates from your driver card’s manufacturer. However, get your latest windows update is the easiest worth try to solve your problem. If the problems still persist, let’s move to get latest update from your driver manufacturer.

1. Get latest Windows Updates

To get latest update for your windows, go to Start Menu – Control Panel – System and Security – Windows Updates. Click Check for Updates. The result will be displayed in seconds, Update if there is update available.


Get Latest Windows Update

After you are done update your Windows, try to re-start you Bluestacks 2. If graphic card problem still exist, move to next step

2. Get the latest graphic card driver from manufacturer

Links below are from 3 major graphic card manufacturer’s website provided to automatically detect your graphic card and get the latest update driver available for your PC.

Updating your graphic card driver from your manufacturer is the best attempt to solve the error without upgrading graphic card. This method works well for most users. However, if the errors still persist, see next step

3. Updating Direct X and .NET Framework

One of installation requirement for Bluestacks 2 is your PC must have Direct X 9.0 or higher and .NET Framework 4.6. Direct X comes along with the windows package installation or windows update. So if you want the latest Direct X, get latest updates for your windows as stated above. However you can find stand alone offline installer Direct X out there. For more detail about Direct X you can visit official Microsoft website

For .NET Framework you can download from link below:

  • Win 7 and above must have For .NET Framework 4.6. Download Here
  • XP and Vista PC must have .Net Framework 4. Download Here

4. Upgrade your graphic card

This is the last attempt to solve graphic card problem if you still own your older one. Latest graphic card has high compatibility for multi purposes with many modern support features added.

From author

Here I am focused on how to solve graphic error when installing Bluestacks version 2, so I cant suggest you to install older version of Bluestacks. However, if you interested on fixing your graphic card error by installing older version (yes it also works, but you won’t get many new cool features of Bluestacks2); here links for download older Bluestacks version



For fast speed download all other versions from Google Drive see;

Download Link Collection All Versions Bluestacks Offline Installer (Google Drive Link)

Manual checking installation failure or get assistance from official Bluestacks

If other problems occurred beside of graphic card error and you are medium to advanced with computer knowledge, I suggest you to check detailed type of error on Bluestacks 2 installation failure log file. Otherwise you can send your log files via email to get assistance from official Bluestacks

1. Press Windows + R button on your keyboard

2. Type “{8747369b4971b1b9d032858f160e2e82cf96a3f7a51136526b42e038219e75f4}applocaldata{8747369b4971b1b9d032858f160e2e82cf96a3f7a51136526b42e038219e75f4}” on the form. See below

Press enter or click “OK”

3. Open Bluestacks folder

4. Open Logs folder shown

5. Open installer.log and microinstaller.log then check what failure occurred


If want to manually check the error(s), just open both files using notepad. From there you can see the log file and find what the spesific error occured. If you prefer to get assistance from official Bluestacks; send both files by email and send it to [email protected]

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