Complete Tutorial How to Install Bluestacks 2 on Your Windows 7/10/8/8.1 Pc/Laptop

Bluestacks is one of the best app players on the market. With all new cool features and rapid updates offered you can conclude how serious Bluestacks.Inc in developing this emulator. That is main reason why Bluestacks become the winner of this year’s emulator war.

Bluestacks 2 will bring your android games to your PC seamlessly. Feel the excitement playing your game on 1035 x 576 screen resolution with no dropping frame rate.

If you have downloaded your installer, better to start to set up your Bluestacks 2, your favorite game is waiting

This tutorial is presented for you who want to run android apps using Bluestacks 2. I will guide you detailed step by step how to install Bluestacks 2 on your Windows PC. If your PC system has met the requirements for Bluestacks 2 installation, you should have no problem on doing this.

I assume you have downloaded Bluestacks 2 installer on your PC. If you haven’t, see this page Download and Install BlueStacks 2 for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP Laptop

Lets get started

1. Right click on your Bluestacks 2 executable installer then run as administrator

If you have logged with you administrator account, you can just double click or Open

2. The extraction process will be started.

It creates file on your temporary folder for the next step installation. Your temporary folder is placed on the same drive with windows system files, commonly its drive C:/ so make sure you have available storage otherwise it will fail.

3. After welcoming page just click “Next”

You will be prompted to locate your BlueStacks 2 data

By default (which is oke for most users) the folder will be located in “C:\ProgramData”. If you for some reasons want to change folder just click “Browse” and choose what folder you like.

If you are done, click “Next”

4. You will see an option to enable “App store access” and “Application communications”.

make sure the options are ticked and then click “Install”. Next installation is started, just wait for a minute

6. After the installation is completed then click “Finish”.

If you let the tick enabled, you will imediatelly start Bluestacks 2 after you click “Finish”

7. Bluestacks 2 is launched, you can see Bluestacks 2 Icon on your notification bar.

Note: I experienced the the main program keeps loading forever. I think this happened due the Bluestacks TV took all the internet connection for dowloading its data. If you are experiencing the same, just restart the Blustacks by clicking “Quit”on the Bluestacks Icon on the notification bar, then start it again. If you likely will not use Bluestacks TV feature, which is required higher PC system requirements (yes Bluestacks TV has its own minimum PC requirements to run and of course fast internet connection) you can prevent Bluestacks TV from launching on the preferences menu and make sure the option is ticked. You can read this page for more detail about How to Prevent Bluestacks TV from Launching

8. Next, here you will see language option.

Choose your prefered language then click the right arrow button.

9. Enter your Google email and password

Because it is the first time you start Bluestacks 2, you need to enter your email and password of your google account to sign in. When you done click next on right arrow

Click OK for the Term of Service, Privacy Policy


10. Next page is Setup Payment info. Just click “No Thanks” if you want to do it later

11. Done, you will see the home page of Bluestacks 2


With this your Bluestacks 2 installation is completed. You have just joined with other 150 millions and counting users worldwide using Bluestacks. Start to explore Bluestacks 2 features and play your favorite game here.

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