How to Download and Install Android Games/Apps from Google Play Store Using Bluestacks 2

Bluestacks 2 as the latest update from Bluestacks.Inc has a lot of improvements comparing to the previous version. It is better in all aspects such as speed, stability, compatibility with all version Windows and new cool features. Multitasking is one of the best features added on Bluestacks 2. The feature come in handy way with browser-like tab, make you easier to navigate or close your apps and games.

With Bluestacks 2 you will have richer experience on gaming with your PC. Almost all apps and games that run on your android game, they also run well on Bluestacks 2. You will be amazed finding your game run smoother even on the bigger screen. I am sure you won’t miss the chance to try it now.

If you have installed Blustacks 2 on your PC you can continue to read the rest of article, otherwise you may start from here Download BlueStacks 2 for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP Laptop

Bluestacks 2 is easy to use. With no advance knowledge everyone will be able to operate it. You can play your favorite game by simply download and install from Google Play Store. Here we want to help you out step by step on how to do it

How to download and install your game from Google Play Store using Blustacks 2

1. Go to Bluestacks Home, Click Search on the top-left corner


2. Type app or game you are looking for on the search form. Here “pokemon” as example


The result will appear, just click on the app icon to start

3. Google Play Store will be opened on a new tab, you’ll see your game preview, click  “INSTALL” to start download


4. Click on ACCEPT for term of service and policy


5. Wait for the download to complete


6. After your download is done, click “OPEN” to start your game


7. Your game will be opened on new tab and finally you are ready to play


Note: as you can see from above, at initial start Pokemon Go, Bluestacks asks you to choose your location to play this game, you can determine your location by clicking “Location icon” on the left panel. Restart your Bluestacks to apply your changed location. To restart Click on Setting – Restart


Easy isn’t, now you can download and install other games and apps with the same step above.

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