How to Prevent Bluestacks TV from Launching

Bluestacks TV is a new feature to live broadcast your activity using Bluestacks 2. This feature is very useful for making tutorial for your audiences. Whether this is about gameplay or product review you can always rely on this feature. However, Bluestacks TV likely more suitable for Hi-end PC with fast internet connection.

Bluestacks TV really draining your PC resources and internet access even when you are not using it. It keeps loading and downloading previews for available streaming to watch. Hence your online playing game may interrupted while doing this process.

More on negative impact from Bluestacks TV, you will take longer time to start Bluestacks 2 on initial start. I found about 15MB used for downloading data from only Bluestacks TV when starting. And it will keep loading till process is finished. That is why I suggest you to prevent Bluestacks TV from launching if you are not really use this feature.

Prevent  Bluestacks TV from launching

1. To prevent Bluestacks TV from launching click Setting icon on the top right corner of your Bluestacks 2. Then chose “Preferences”


2. Make sure to check “Do not launch Bluestacks TV on start up”


Now, next time you start, Bluestacks TV will not launched. You will start up your Bluestacks 2 faster and no bandwidth to waste.

Bluestacks 2 alternative: Download and Install Koplayer Android Emulator for Windows PC/laptop/Mac

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